• The Bizarre and the Beautiful

    The Bizarre and the Beautiful

    Dorothy Baca teaches students about the artistry and social meaning behind the decorated human body. by Valerie Roybal With paint, cosmetics, clothing, and jewelry; by reshaping, resizing and sculpting; in permanent and temporary fashions; with beautiful or bizarre effects, people throughout human history have sought to adorn, enhance, and alter their bodies. “From culture to

  • Skin Games

    Skin Games

    Color and Skin Tone in the Black Community By Jimi Izrael Part I: “Blackity Black” Where I grew up, at the corner 143rd and Alder in East Cleveland, all the folks came in only three colors: doo-doo brown, booty-brown and midnight. Everyone else was white by default. I didn’t think much about skin tone until

  • Nostalgia for the Light (Nostalgia De La Luz)

    Nostalgia for the Light (Nostalgia De La Luz)

    Washington, D.C. Premiere In Chile, astronomers from all over the world gather in the desert of Atacama at an altitude of 3,000 meters to observe the stars. The desert sky, without a trace of humidity, is so translucent that it allows them to see right to the boundaries of the universe. This peculiar arid terrain

  • The Global Beauty Report: Focus on Asia

    The Global Beauty Report: Focus on Asia

    by Lubna Khalid Founder of REAL COSMETICS, Color for Women of Color New York, 14 June 2000 I wanted to start today by telling you the story of three women. First woman: Young Indian girl. Hates her skin color. Thinks she’s too dark. Refuses to play outside because she’ll get darker. Second woman: African-American, Can’t find

  • What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

    By Monica Mehta Monica Mehta is an active member of Saheli in Austin To my dismay I have noticed that, many of my South Asian peers have been purchasing and reading American “Fashion Mags”. One can’t escape most bookstores or grocery stores without passing the many colorful covers with glamorous faces and images reflecting the American ideal

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