• Ok, I’ve Watched the Film, Now What?

    Ok, I’ve Watched the Film, Now What?

    Panel Discussion moderated by Chris Palmer, Director, Center for Environmental Filmmaking, American University. How do we produce films that make a difference? This session, illustrated with clips of inspiring films, explores ways we can turn films into action, at both the policy and personal levels. Our panelists consider the challenge of producing films that have

  • Oil Rocks – City Above the Sea (La Cite Du Petrole)

    Oil Rocks – City Above the Sea (La Cite Du Petrole)

    Washington, D.C. Premiere Imagine 2,000 oil rigs, 300 kilometers of bridges, rusty Soviet-era trucks rolling back and forth, nine-story building blocks, a huge canteen, thousands of oil workers, a towering cultural palace, a lemonade factory and a green park…all nestled in a city in the middle of the Caspian Sea. Commissioned by Stalin in 1949,

  • Nostalgia for the Light (Nostalgia De La Luz)

    Nostalgia for the Light (Nostalgia De La Luz)

    Washington, D.C. Premiere In Chile, astronomers from all over the world gather in the desert of Atacama at an altitude of 3,000 meters to observe the stars. The desert sky, without a trace of humidity, is so translucent that it allows them to see right to the boundaries of the universe. This peculiar arid terrain

  • New Orleans – The Water Line

    New Orleans – The Water Line

    In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the citizens of New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward weren’t about to watch their community disappear, even as government officials at all levels turned a blind eye to their plight. This story profiles community leaders fighting to rebuild the neighborhood sustainably and the outsiders – including renowned architect Bob Berkebile,

  • Nature’s Greatest Defender

    Nature’s Greatest Defender

    One of the leading wildlife biologists of the 20th century, the American zoologist George Schaller has fought to save the world’s endangered creatures for over 50 years. Author of the seminal book, “The Mountain Gorilla: Ecology and Behavior,” which illuminated the life of gorillas in the wild and served as a basis for the work

  • National Parks: This is America

    National Parks: This is America

    Through the prism of our nation’s diverse population, this film tells the story of the national park idea and how it evolved over the course of 150 years. It weaves together stories of extraordinary people from a wide variety of backgrounds who devoted their lives to preserving and protecting these special places for everyone, for