• EYiE


    The EYiE project provides an opportunity for young people to discuss epilepsy and its effects on their lives.

  • Swedish OCD Association Ananke

    Swedish OCD Association Ananke

    If Sv. OCD connected Swedish OCD Association Ananke is a nationwide non-profit organization founded in 1989 with the task of supporting people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and their relatives. We want to increase awareness of OCD, which includes both compulsions and obsessions , to the public, but also to the people they forced victims face in health care. The international name

  • The Body worker

    The Body worker

    Explorations in the Theory and Practice of Massage Therapy and Bodywork  I have been practicing massage and bodywork for 17 years in Downtown Seattle.   I graduated from Seattle Massage School (now Ashmead College) in 1988 and began a practice in a health club in 1989 in downtown Seattle.  Since then I have built my practice and

  • Senior Drug Dependents and Care Structures

    Senior Drug Dependents and Care Structures

    News: Book recommendation : also addicts aging, click to open the table of contents VPP – Behavioral Therapy & Psychosocial Practice 3/2010: Older addicts of heroin and co – addiction in old age. European recommendations for treatment and care of senior drug dependents are online. Please click here to get to the guidelines National Guidelines for the Treatment of Drugs and